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EssentialMac | 01/02/2015

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Apple Pay Coming To UK in First Half of 2015

31/12/2014 |

According to an article posted at the Telegraph, britains top banks are in negotiations to bring Apple pay to the uk in the first part of 2015.
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14 Day iTunes Refunds Now Available, Providing You Haven’t Downloaded Your Purchase

30/12/2014 |

A new policy in the iTunes store, somewhat hidden away, has revealed a new policy that allows up to 14 days for users to cancel their purchases.
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Using A VPN or DNS Service To View Netflix. You Might Have Problems Soon.

28/12/2014 |

Today is not a good day to be an Android user, well at least if you use Netflix alongside UnoTelly, HideIPVPN or any other service that let\s you watch region restricted content on your device.  
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Burn Off The Xmas Calories With The Best Running Apps for your iPhone

28/12/2014 |

2014 was the year I started running and actually did the fabled “couch to 5k” running plan and all it took to drop a stone in weight and trim up was 20 minutes a day going up and beyond that.  For kicks I’d have RunKeeper in the background so i could see my time and distances ever improving.  But RunKeeper is not the only app out there.

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ABBYY FineReader Pro 12 For Mac Review

22/12/2014 |

Nothing makes for a better review than when it’s used in the real world for a practical purpose.  Exactly what’s happened to me this last week. I’ve had OCR apps for my iPhone and whilst theyre fine for a quick capture, this project needed something meatier.
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$24 Active Wrap SPBEAT9 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones review

22/12/2014 |

Bluetooth headphones that sound half decent seem to be something of a holy grail. After the shambolic performance of the 100 quid Jabra units that’s put me off wireless headphones for life.  However these SPBeat9 Wireless Bluetooth headphones look ok. Read More

Apples Best Apps Of 2014. Some Odd Choices Given The Feedback.

16/12/2014 |

At the end of every year, Apple releases a list of the best iPhone apps and although known for being incredibly selective, some of the best of 2014 apps have received a fair panning within the app reviews.
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Apple iPhone Cases To Protect Phones From 1 Meter Drops In New Guidelines

13/12/2014 |

Apple has tighted up it’s guidelines for iPhone cases for those case manufacturers who want to be able to boast MFI (made for iphone) licensing. It’s good news for those of us who like to look after our prized possessions.
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