Reviewed : Twitch.TV iOS app – Sigh, A frustrating mess but I’m hooked – UPDATE IT FINALLY WORKS!

Twitch.TV Working

Moving to the Mac means a great deal of pleasure / pain experiences, what you get in the way of a stable operating system, app store goodness and other cool features you feel the pain in other ways. Office sucks on anything but a high-end iMac and you sacrifice gaming in almost all senses when compared to pc counterparts. Sure steam gives access to some ports but Mac’s have never been well-known for their graphics card prowess.
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Justin.Tv HD reviewed : High Def Streams But Missing The Small Details.

At the end of a long day there’s nothing more than I like to do that kickback, relax and switch the brain off by watching the idiot latern (TV). With more repeats on TV than ever I find myself looking to the internet more and more to keep myself entertained without burning a hole in my pocket with iTunes series links. Reality TV has never been my thing but Justin.TV / Twitch.TV takes this to a new level with games casting alongside chat interaction with the caster.
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