Apple’s Newest OS Mavericks Is Free. Is That A Clever Or Disruptive Move

Mavericks Is Free

Mavericks, Apple’s latest operating system has gone live and it’s a FREE download.  Many will agree that was a “holy s***” moment”.  However you look at it, from an Apple fanboy front to an Apple hater this really has made things different in the world of a desktop OS.  But is it a revolutionary move, a disruptive move or Apple’s acknowledging they make enough money from Apps to pay for the development of an OS?

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OS X Mavericks Developer Preview 6 Now Available

The next preview for OS X Mavericks has arrived. OS X Mavericks Developer Preview 6 is available via Software Update. If you are not yet running a previous version of OS X Mavericks Developer Preview, get a redemption code from the Mac Dev Center to download it from the Mac App Store