OS X Mavericks iCloud KeyChain Setup and Useage.

OS X Mavericks will introduce iCloud Keychain, a way to not only safely store your passwords between devices but also create new random passwords when registering on websites.  If you haven’t turned on iCloud Keychain during the setup process, when you come to fill out a form or register to a website you’ll be prompted to do so.

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Apple rolls out iTunes movies in the Cloud to UK, Australia, Canada, more

iTunes in the Cloud UK

In allowing users to redownload any film they have purchased through their UK iTunes account, Apple is giving customers a way to easily track and retrieve previously purchased content. This is especially helpful for users with smaller hard drives in their MacBooks and iOS devices. Now they don’t have to back up and store all the large media purchases they made. When finished watching a film, the user can just delete it and the redownload it again when necessary.

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