I know, every website is asking for a bit of support, subscribe share and like and all that stuff. And this website is no different. Yet it is is a small independent, non sponsored website with no corporate overlords to appease but even we have small costs. Unlike other sites who can spend their cash willy nilly, each and every cent, euro or mighty great British pound helps the website.. not me. Support the underdog.

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Using our affiliate link doesn’t cost you a thing (apart from what you purchase). Full disclaimer, we get about 2% commission from any purchase you click on via our link. The price isn’t increased, rounded up or a sneaky little box to untick. Just click the link and shop as normal knowing your helping the indie review site.

I’ll be honest our Patreon link contains all the out takes and rough cuts from the video. Stuff that we’re too worried about public perception to post. It’s a more intimate stream of consciousness. At one point I had 6 patreons. Now it’s one and looking to double that.. $1 a month does make all the difference.