Cupidtino App – Meet the Apple Fanboy or Fangirl of your dreams

Cupidtino dating

Apple fanatics can rejoice as there is now Cupidtino dating is an app designed to help in the quest to meet someone with similar interests, even if it is just all things Apple. Cupidtino have released an App version of their website.

Cupidtino is the first ever “Mac-inspired” dating site. It’s goal is to bring Apple fans and lovers of beautiful hardware and software design together.

20120119 173338 Cupidtino App   Meet the Apple Fanboy or Fangirl of your dreams

What makes Cupidtino a little different to most other dating websites, rather than simply asking that hardest question of all on dating sites to “Tell us about yourself”. your profile consists of answering questions like;

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Samsung Swipeit to Rival Apple Airplay

Samsung Swipeit

Samsung are set to announce their “Swipeit” android product at this years CES. Swipeit is an Android app that allows and Samsung Internet and Swipeit enabled tv’s to show the content from your phone, on the larger screen. Does this sound familiar?

I’m loving the name Swipeit as that’s what they tend to do with Apple product design but now it seems airplay.

Samsung Swipeit Samsung Swipeit to Rival Apple Airplay

While SwipeIt works exactly like the Apple’s AirPlay, there are some significant differences:
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Bloomberg : Apple’s Siri Feature Doubles IPhone Data Usage

Siri Double Data Usage

According to a somewhat vauge report at Bloomberg, iPhone 4s phone users consume double the data of iPhone 4 users thanks, mainly, to Siri.

Network analyst Arieso claims that the voice navigation software could see users incur significantly higher bills, and mobile networks struggle with the volume of data being transmitted.

Arieso reached the conclusion after analysing the data usage of one million smartphone owners on an unnamed European network.

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Apple’s Jonathan Ive Gets knighthood


Jonathan Ive, Apple’s head of design, has been awarded a knighthood in the New Year Honours list.

Mr Ive, who can now style himself Sir Jonathan, has been made a Knight Commander of the British Empire (KBE).

Raised in Chingford, Mr Ive began working for Apple in 1992 and since then has been the brains behind many of its products.

He described the honour as “absolutely thrilling” and said he was “both humbled and sincerely grateful”.

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Blackberry vs Apple aka Christmas day setting up a Blackberry

So there i was on Christmas day, sat around the family table exchanging presents and hoping, for the love of god that my little sister would like her Blackberry.

Being the one member of the family other than the tech freak of a sister I have, Christmas day was spent setting up a Blackberry. No, before anyone starts this is not a bashing or fanboy article. I spend what resources I have to look for what alternatives there are in the mobile phone ecosphere however it seemed to feel like windows 95 in a windows 7 world, even more so DOS akin to Mac OSX.

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Apple 12 days of Christmas offerings

12 Days Of Xmas From Apple

Apple are at it again with their festive period giveaways. You don’t need the app to download the free offering as we have provided the links here.

Day 1 : iTunes Track – Coldplay EP, iTunes festival London 3 songs & videos : iTunes Link
Day 2 : Video – Top Gear: The Middle East Special + The Trip: Hipping Hall : iTunes Link
Day 3 : iTunes Track – Lady Gaga – Marry the Night – single with video : iTunes Link
Day 4 : iBook – The Redbreast by Jo Nesbø : iTunes Link
Day 5 : Game – Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing : iTunes Link

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Let It Snow – ilia software. Festive Snow Screensaver For Mac

Let it snow Ben Howard Singing Silent Night

Happy Christmas one and all. If you haven’t had any snow this year or just want to inject a bit of Christmas spirit into your mac we recommend Let It Snow for your mac.

Let it snow screenshot Let It Snow   ilia software.  Festive Snow Screensaver For MacRun the app and let the snow fall down your screen and it settles on the active window.  Flakes can be configured for size, depth and the speed of the snow.

It;s a fun little app and makes any workplace have a touch of the festive cheer.

Available from the App Store Let It Snow – ilia costs a paltry 69p which is nothing for a bit of festive cheer.   Btw If you type in Let it snow on google you get a nice little easter egg.

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AOTD : Image Bucket 1.7.4 The Usefull batch image convertor with watermarking

Image Bucket 600x320

One of the most time consuming parts of blogging can be pictures.  More often than not there is need to perform bulk actions on a range of images.  You have no idea how tedious it can be taking your photos for your blog and having to, one by one, manually resize them into something more manageable.  This takes time and to say it’s a tedious task is an understatement.  So when we came across Image Bucket we were ecstatic.
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