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Some of the best and Cheapest 16 GB iPhone 5 contracts and tariffs

The day is upon us where those who wish can order an iPhone 5. The big mobile networks including EE have started offering pre order contracts. We look at the main iPhone 5 tariffs out there and break them down to show you the total cost of owning a phone over 2 years.

02 On & On iPhone Deals

For some strange reason o2 didn’t release their iPhone 5 deals till way later in the day but have come up trumps with their pricing.

iPhone 5 16 GBHandset CostMonthly CostContract LengthMinutesTextsDataTCO
O2 On & On£249.00£26.0024UnlimitedUnlimited1 GB£873
O2 On & On£199.00£31.0024UnlimitedUnlimited1 GB£943
O2 On & On£99.00£36.0024UnlimitedUnlimited1 GB£963
O2 On & On£49.00£41.0024UnlimitedUnlimited1 GB£1,033
O2 On & On£0.00£46.0024UnlimitedUnlimited1 GB£1,104

Rocking in at £873 for a 2 year contract it’s the best iPhone contract out there so far. ;It’s a case of deciding how much up front you can pay for a phone and that net’s you a better contract.

T-Mobile iPhone 5 Deals

Once seen as that awkward network which had some really strange contracts you’d be hard press to fault their Full Monty offerings and as part of the biggest UK mobile phone network they set a high bar for the rest of the mobile operators that we will take a look at.

iPhone 5 16 GBHandset CostMonthly CostContract LengthMinutesTextsDataTCO
Full Monty£109.00£36.00242000UnlimitedUnlimited£973
Full Monty£49.00£41.0024UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited£1,033
Full Monty£29.00£46.0024UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited£1,133
Full Monty£19.00£61.0024UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited£1,483

Rocking in at 973 over the course of 2 years the Full Monty almost beats our last winner Three Mobile by £30 if you really need more than 5000 texts a month.

Three iPhone 5 Contracts

The outright winner of out iPad data sim article, three have put our some very competitive offers once again.

iPhone 4 16GBHandset CostMonthly CostContract LengthMinutesTextsDataTCO
The One Plan.£79.00£36.002420005000unlimited£943
Ultimate Internet 500£79.00£34.00245005000unlimited£895

Orange iPhone5 Tariffs

Orange and T-mobile offerings are the same which is no surprise considering as they are part of the EE network.

Handset CostMonthly CostContract LengthMinutesTextsDataTCO
Orange£109.00£36.0024UnlimitedUnlimited1 GB£973
Orange£29.00£41.0024UnlimitedUnlimited2 GB£1,013
Orange£0.00£56.0024UnlimitedUnlimited3 GB£1,344

Vodaphone iPhone 5 Deals

Handset CostMonthly CostContract LengthMinutesTextsDataTCO
Voda Red£0.00£47.0024UnlimitedUnlimited2 GB£1,128
Voda Red£49.00£42.0024UnlimitedUnlimited2 GB£1,057
Voda Red£99.00£37.0024UnlimitedUnlimited1 GB£987
Voda Red£149.00£33.0024600Unlimited500 MB£941

The Best 16gb iPhone 5 deal goes to

Winner : O2 On & On   They might have been the last out of the block to offer an iPhone 5 contract but they come right in at the top with a total cost of ownership over 2 years of £873 and a very reasonable handset cost of £249. There is no news on the furture of o2 4g services. ;For the same cost as a 16gb model on orange you could get a 32gb version with 02.  But like I always say please, please check that you have service in your area before signing for a contract.

Orange or T-Mobile ;right now are more expensive but have the biggest network in the UK, partnering with EE will put you in a priority line to get 4g services when available.

Three come in a VERY close second. ;It is cheaper by £30 and does represent a saving so if you aren’t going to text more than 5000 times a month it’s worth a saving. Three have also gained a section of the 4g spectrum but there’s no news on what they intend to do with it.

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