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EssentialMac | 24/05/2015

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The PodCast (rampant mumblings)

Rampant Mumblings

Hosted on Stitcher the inline player below will always point to the most recent episode.

EP 21: iK multimedia iRig Mic Cast
Had a new microphone sent in for review so what better time to put it through it’s paces whilst doing a podcast

Still unconvinced about Batfleck and how I think developers are missing an important SEO strategy when it comes to app releases

Getting apps sent in for review is part of the daily business that keeps the site going but I’ve a feeling that app developers are missing a trick for better seo positioning. Plus I’m not sold on Batfleck despite the Batman vs Superman trailer.

stitcher banner 120x90 The PodCast (rampant mumblings)

Part 2: Talking to the machines

I’ve spent the weekend talking to my computer with some interesting results. Dragon Dictate gets close to failing almost as many times as it succeeds. Today it’s all about transcription.

Part 1: Talking to the machines

Captain chipper on the  Watch + a weekend of talking to a screen

How is WTF Email Gate Actually A thing?

The Mac & Forth Show 054 – She’s Wearing It Wrong

Back again on the Mac & Forth show with the rather entertaining “Missys News Roundup”  to discuss the weeks Apple related news. We did try to stay away from Apple Watch news for as long as possible…Honestly, we did try.

SD cards are soo Samsung..

Samsung have removed their own logo from units being sold in Japan. Utter madness to anyone in the world of marketing, design etc. Follow that up with no more SD card slots and removable battery, have Samsung joined the curve of design over pleasing the tech savvy?

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Rampant Mumblings EP 9: The bombs of negativity

What it’s like dealing with paid for reviews, affiliate systems and those 3rd party companies who promise to be right in touch with you, up until the moment you sign on the dotted line. Recorded with Opinion Podcasts – Record, Edit & Share to Facebook, Soundcloud & Dropbox

Rampant Mumblings EP 8: Those bigger websites don’t have to care.

It’s the attention of paid for reviews that has me rampantly mumbling today. The trials of how do you be fair to the person paying for the review but, more importantly, those purchasing the app. Plus learning to be creative to avoid talking about the B word.. (bugs)

Recorded with Opinion Podcasts – Record, Edit & Share to Facebook, Soundcloud & Dropbox

The Mumblings are available via with your favourite podcast player of choice.

Rampant Mumblings Ep7: Quick and dirty

A very short cast today as I’ve been “time optimistic” with the planning. Instead of using Opinion I’ve hooked up the Samson Meteor Mic and given garageband a spin, dusted off the Samson Meteor mic and hit record.


Samson Meteor USB Microphone – Chrome

 The PodCast (rampant mumblings)


Rampant Mumblings Ep6. Step back in time

Well what else is there to talk about today of all days. Apple re writes time turning 8.01 into 8.13 gmt.


09/04/15 – Rampant Mumblings PodCast

em 1400 The PodCast (rampant mumblings)A 7 days mini series recorded entirely using Opinion for iOS. It’s just how it sounds we mumble on, somewhat rampantly about the topics of the day or whatever comes to mind.

Subscribe to Rampant Mumblings via the iTunes store and leave us some love. After all it’s nice to be nice. If you have a product, news story or opinion you’d like to hear then get in touch as well


26/03/15 – Mac&Forth Episode 50

mac and forth 050 150x150 The PodCast (rampant mumblings)It’s been a while but essentialmac features on the 50th episode of the rather nice Mac and forth Podcast.

Thanks to Karl and the gang for making me feel so welcome. If you’re after a irreverent british take on the latest 7 days of the world of Apple with a bunch of Brits (plus an American) give it a whirl. Also please consider just a moment to leave a review over at iTunes.

It’s worth subscription even if its just for the pre show and especially the after show chat 😀

14/04/12 – Episode 3.  Getting a grip

In This Episode, we talk about a new beginning and some upcoming experimentation. Rapplistory is now available on the iTunes Store. Mark and Steve talk about the iPad in the British Parliament. Is the Blackberry Dead? Siri is just alright. Meg Whitman vs Tim Cook and a little Comcast thrown in for good measure. The Review of Dry Case and a rating of 6 apples on a 5 apple scale. WoW!

You can download via the iTunes store and I’d love to get some constructive feedback from any listeners.

12/03/12 – and we’re live!

MRC Logo Blue The PodCast (rampant mumblings)You can hear yours truly on the podcast. I’ve a guest spot on there and we cover a few random things along side our live chat during true new iPad unveiling.

Go have a listen and if you like it subscribe, after all everyone needs an ego boost now and again. If you have any ideas for the “TechTalk” section, fire them across. I’m always in need to start rambling and remember “software….meh, the hardware…….not so meh” 😀

29/02/12 – A venture into Pod Casting.

.. And that’s a wrap. It’s finally happened, we’ve just finished recording our part in the Mac ReviewCast Podcast. The show, featuring yours truly, is a joint venture between MacReviewCast, Surfbits and

Show one with our involvement is mainly a chat about all things Apple. We looked forward and backwards and then took an irreverent swipe at anything we saw fit.

Ideas for the upcoming Apple TV were discussed as was the confusing marketing strategy in mobile phone shops for android powered handsets.

A special mention goes out to, (for their iOS browers) and we also cover the rather disconcerting terms and conditions when using the Onavo data saving application.

As I write / Dictate this the podcast is undergoing the final edits and should be available in the next week or so. I’m just hoping that most of my out-takes get deleted from the pod cast.

Plans are afoot to immediately records a show after the Apple event on 7 March. On a personal note I would really appreciate any constructive feedback will help to really bring along the pod cast. If you can help me out or contribute any ideas or even go through a podcast with yourselves please get in touch.

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