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EssentialMac | 29/03/2015

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Apple announces WWDC for June 10th, tickets on sale April 25th for $1599

24/04/2013 |

Apple has announced that its WWDC kicks off between June 10th-14th and will take place in San Francisco to talk about the future of iOS and OS X at Moscone West and tickets go on sale tomorrow.
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Get A Text Message When WWDC Tickets Go On Sale

10/04/2013 |

In 2011, tickets for WWDC sold out in 12 hours. In 2012, it was under two. Whether or not you missed your chance last year, you know how critical it is to be aware the moment tickets go on sale..  Use WWDCBlast.Com to make sure you get a FREE SMS notice the moment they go on sale.

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WWDC Notes : 8 New Mountain Lion Features & Release Date

12/06/2012 |

Mountain Lion introduces over 200 new features, looking at “just 8″ today.  Mountain Lion is due for release in July for $19.99 (no uk price set yet)

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WWDC Notes : iOS 6, 200 New Features, With Significant Siri Advances

11/06/2012 |

Some notes gathered form all the meta blogging happening at the Apple WWDC with regards to iOS6. There’s going to be a LOT of busy developers.  Un “googled” Maps, Facebook and Twitter get closer in iOS 6, Passbook, Eyes Free, Siri gets useful, do not disturb, Safari gets some love and more….. man alive WWDC has been busy.

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WWDC Notes : New Macbook Pro Specs

11/06/2012 |

New macbook pro retina display specifications are out thanks to the WWDC announcement. Yes they will have the hyped Retina display on macbook pro’s 2880 * 1800,  5,184,000 pixel, SD, HDMI, USB 3.0, Magsafe 2, Thunderbolt, Headphone Jack.  Wow.  Even Diablo 3 has been produced to use Retina display graphics.

New Macbook Pro Retina WWDC Notes : New Macbook Pro Specs

Other specs of mentions are Glass Trackpad, backlit keyboard, 802.11n WiFi (no ac), Bluetooth 4.0, FaceTime HD camera, dual microphones, stereo speakers.  Want.. want….want!!!!  oh and did we mention. Retina Display!

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WWDC Notes : New Macbook Air Specs

11/06/2012 |

New Macbook Air Specs1 600x232 WWDC Notes : New Macbook Air Specs

Well that was a whirlwind of a WWDC.  New macbook air specifications have been released with some nice speed increases. Wave goodbye to the ethernet port and say hello to thunderbolt.  To use ethernet you’ll be looking at purchasing a thunderbolt to ethernet connector.  They really have rammed some decent spec gear into the Macbook Air

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iOS 6 “officially announced” : There’s a surprise…

09/06/2012 |

As just about everybody on the planet expected, iOS 6 will be announced at WWDC 2012 as these photos of the big new banners on the first floor indicate… So I guess thats the TBC slots taken up on … Read More

Leaked Apple inventory Leak = New Mac Pro’s And MacBooks with Ivy Bridge?

07/06/2012 |

Well it was bound to happen, with only a week to go till WWDC rumor mills have started going into overdrive.  This time all the hubub is abouta purported leaked inventory list highlighting that new Mac’s are on the way.

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