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EssentialMac | 02/09/2015

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UnoTelly, It’ll Still Work With Netflix Over VPN

08/01/2015 |

A couple of weeks ago Netflix changed it’s Android offering of Netflix to hard encode it’s own DNS settings.  This mean that even if you used UnoTelly or HideIPVPN to access content that;s not available in your country it would no longer work.  Today UNOTelly have made a statement.
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Popcorn Time. Stream movies from Torrents

12/03/2014 |

Popcorn Time offers a rather interesting way to watch movies found on “legit” torrent sites without having to download them. You can stream the torrents without having to fully download the entire move.
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HideIPVPN Review: View TV from Anywhere To Anywhere

23/07/2013 | 3

HideIPVPN is a VPN and SmartDNS service provider that makes your traffic appear to originate from the United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany or Canada. So if you wanted to watch USA Netflix, Hulu from anywhere but the USA, HideIPVPN does just that.  In fact if you face any region blocks at all, HideIPVPN gets around them fuss free
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Rejoice. Top Gear Season 20 Starts Tonight. 8PM GMT

30/06/2013 |

It’s what sunday nights are made for. Top Gear is back this sunday 8pm GMT on the BBC. For that watching to watch Top Gear from another country you can use SmartVPN or SmartDNS (being reviewed soon).

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How to get unotelly for free…

24/09/2012 |

Well ok it’s a month at a time for their premium account offering but hey, that’s still a good deal. You might remember our article about unotelly and how it lets you watch region free tv. So if you are in the USA you could watch bbc iplayer, in the uk we can watch Hulu with no problems and American Netflix content. All that really is scratching the tip of the iceberg. Tempted enough yet to want unotelly for free? ..

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Hulu Plus Now Showing on Apple TV (another reason to sign up for UnoTelly!)

31/07/2012 |

In a quiet and unannounced fashion Apple has added Hulu Plus to their “hobby” Apple TV. I’ve yet to try this in the UK but performing a software update for the Apple TV then restarting Hulu Plus will magically appear.
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UnoTelly becomes UnoDns

13/02/2012 | 1

Our favorite service letting to allow the watching of USA based TV websites in the UK, such Hulu, Fox, NBC and more, has undergone a bit of an update. UnoTelly has re branded itself as more of a DNS service rather than a television watching portal.
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How to Sign up to Netflix outside USA

18/08/2011 | 1

Netflix is a popular DVD streaming site in the USA but has a downside of needing some sort of verification that you are from the good old USA. It all starts with a pre paid credit card or you can use a UK one as I found out recently.
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How To Get Neflix USA in the UK, unoTelly is the answer.

24/06/2011 |

unoTelly, a favourite of the EssentialMac team now lets you watch country specific content on sites such at Netflix, right here in the UK.  Check out the full UnoTelly review for an indepth look.

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UnoTelly – Let’s you watch Hulu and more in the uk

17/06/2011 | 6

EssentialMac has been exclusively invited to take part in a beta of the Unotelly for Mac . UnoTelly gives you a way to watch region free TV.  So in the UK you can watch hulu, USA viewers can watch programs on BBC iPlayer and so on and if you choose, watch a different countries netflix offerings no matter where on the planet you are.

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