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EssentialMac | 10/10/2015

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Three Introduces Euro Internet Pass, Unlimited Cheap Holiday Data Plan

13/06/2012 |

Have to applaud Three with this move. Those of us travelling around the Euro zone are continually hit with massive data charges should we dare to check emails or updates etc. Three have introduced the Three’s Euro Internet Pass, unlimited browsing for just £5 a day whilst in the EU

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Some Of The Best And Cheapest Samsung Galaxy s3 Tariffs Compared

02/06/2012 | 2

Samsung’s Galaxy S3 might is probably main contender to the smartphone crowd given the dearth of Android handsets.  Granted in our experience “normal” users seem to prefer the more diminutive size of the Galaxy S2, yet there is the same old problem, what’s the best phone tariff to get with your Galaxy s3 phone.  We’ve taken a look at all the UK mobile providers and come up with a handy comparison chart so you get the best tariff out there.

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Sponsored video: Samsung Galaxy S3 at the unpacking event in Earls Court, London

19/05/2012 |

GalaxyS3 Launch Sponsored video: Samsung Galaxy S3 at the unpacking event in Earls Court, London

It’s not just all things Apple that inspires an article here at EssentialMac.  At the moment the tech community is a buzz with anticipation and excitement of the upcoming release of the Samsung Galaxy S3.  The Galaxy s3 looks a mighty fine handset with some unique features like it knowing when you are looking at it.  Here’s a look at some of the features and a video from a huge unboxing event at Earls Court, London..
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Some of the best iPad Data Plans Compared

09/04/2012 | 2

Recently in the podcast I had a good old rant about the lack of proper information when people simply state the new iPad is a data chewer.  In the UK we won’t be getting anything like LTE (4g) internet at least until the latter end of 2013.

With that in mind we’ve gone through some of the most popular mobile providers in the uk to compare their data tarrifs to help you understand the deals out there.

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