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EssentialMac | 10/10/2015

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Six models in a year: Samsung’s struggle to perfect the smartwatch

13/09/2014 |

Can you name them all? It’s been merely a year since Samsung revealed its first smartwatch to the tech press crowds in IFA, Berlin. Then, roughly six months later, the company switched software — and, ugh, gear — with three new wearable models, the Gear 2, the (possibly most forgotten) Gear Neo and the fitness-oriented Gear Fit wearable.
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Galaxy Tab 3 Samsung’s 7-inch Android tablet Gets A Spec Bump

29/04/2013 |

Not content with releasing a size for everyone Android device the Samsung Galaxy 3 is out now. Slimmer and faster it’s not a bad spec bump.

Te new slate, running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on a 1.2GHz dualcore processor, trims … Read More

20 Ways Samsung Copies Apple

12/08/2012 |

A fantastic simple Tumblr photo collection showing from Nicklas Lind showing how blantantly how Samsung likes to take idea from Apple.  No matter what side of the fence you lay on, the evidence is pretty compelling.  My favourite is the … Read More

Apple vs Samsung Parody Video

07/08/2012 |

SamsApple From Conan Apple vs Samsung Parody Video

Coverage of the ongoing legal case between Apple and Samsung has kept us all glued here to the office whenever there’s an update. Here’s that video which is doing the rounds from the Conan show highligting how Samsung doesn’t copy Apple 😉
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The Apple apology to Samsung.

23/07/2012 |

A true apple apology style (source

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Samsung Vs Apple Second Quater Sales Results

12/07/2012 |

So according to analysts reports, Samsung managed to shift  6.5m Units.  Whilst the S3 might be outselling it’s main rival the HTC one X but let’s not forget the iPhone 5 lands in october. (figures from intomobile)

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Some Of The Best And Cheapest Samsung Galaxy s3 Tariffs Compared

02/06/2012 | 2

Samsung’s Galaxy S3 might is probably main contender to the smartphone crowd given the dearth of Android handsets.  Granted in our experience “normal” users seem to prefer the more diminutive size of the Galaxy S2, yet there is the same old problem, what’s the best phone tariff to get with your Galaxy s3 phone.  We’ve taken a look at all the UK mobile providers and come up with a handy comparison chart so you get the best tariff out there.

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Sponsored video: Samsung Galaxy S3 at the unpacking event in Earls Court, London

19/05/2012 |

GalaxyS3 Launch Sponsored video: Samsung Galaxy S3 at the unpacking event in Earls Court, London

It’s not just all things Apple that inspires an article here at EssentialMac.  At the moment the tech community is a buzz with anticipation and excitement of the upcoming release of the Samsung Galaxy S3.  The Galaxy s3 looks a mighty fine handset with some unique features like it knowing when you are looking at it.  Here’s a look at some of the features and a video from a huge unboxing event at Earls Court, London..
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Samsung Swipeit to Rival Apple Airplay

09/01/2012 |

Samsung are set to announce their “Swipeit” android product at this years CES. Swipeit is an Android app that allows and Samsung Internet and Swipeit enabled tv’s to show the content from your phone, on the larger screen. Does this sound familiar?

I’m loving the name Swipeit as that’s what they tend to do with Apple product design but now it seems airplay.

Samsung Swipeit Samsung Swipeit to Rival Apple Airplay

While SwipeIt works exactly like the Apple’s AirPlay, there are some significant differences:
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Galaxy Tab USB & SD Connection Kit Looks Strangely Like Apple Kit.

07/01/2012 |

Doesn’t this look familiar, can’t possibly think where I’ve seen this before..
Galaxy Tab Kit Galaxy Tab USB & SD Connection Kit Looks Strangely Like Apple Kit.
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