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EssentialMac | 02/09/2015

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More ridiculous Rumors. iPhone 6 Specs via twitter

18/03/2014 |

Another day and another set of rumours, this time from Sonny Dickinson who might have got the spec’s right for the last iPhone but had no idea about a 64bit cpu. Who knew that saying “more memory, faster” and posting via twitter was newsworthy
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The January Apple Rumour Roundup.

31/01/2014 |

Januarys rumour roundup.  So to post a Apple news item all you have to do is come up with something you know off, cite an “anonymous source” and then have that syndicated around other news sites all saying the same thing with different words.  Please come back “Angry Mac Bastards”
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Todays Ridiculous Rumour : Apple TV to Get TV Tuner..

29/01/2014 |

Well it’s been a few months since the last Apple product release and so it’s the perfect time for the rumour mill to start up.  This time it’s 9 to 5 mac and their statement that there “could” be a … Read More

Rumour : Apple’s Next iPhone Feature A Self-Resizing Keyboard

25/02/2013 |

Here’s some more exciting news for Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) fans — and those who frequently find themselves frustrated by over-sized fingers and tiny touchscreens. A recent patent application reveals that the Cupertino-based tech company may be exploring options for a touch correcting keypad, to further improve typing accuracy on mobile devices.
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iPhone 5 or 4s cases revealed?

16/09/2011 |

Yup we are going to be amongst the bandwagon jumpers here on the net with this article. Apparently case manufacturer Case-Mate accidently…. leaks iPhone 5 case.

The cases posted appear to have a curved silver aluminum back which suggests … Read More

iPhone Rumor Roundup As Of August 24th

24/08/2011 |

Another day, moment, week and something apple is being rumored. So we’ve rounded up this weeks iPhone and Apple rumors in the best of the rumors.

Friday 26th August : iPhone 4s Leaked Pictures

So it;s not actually the iPhone … Read More