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EssentialMac | 30/08/2015

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Review : Mc Line – Challenge The Gravity & Master The Path

03/08/2015 |

Remember R-Type, a game that really set a new level for the continual scrolling game?. Well I was useless at it for some reason. Always got stuck at the same part over and over, incidentally I have the same issue with Pinball but I digress. Mc Line is sort of like that well only the side scrolling part.

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Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard Review.

21/04/2015 |

You might think that reviewing a keyboard is right up there in terms of being interesting as it is to review an iPhone case. But consider this, I am bashing out this review whilst at overlooking a stunning beach, enjoying a sunny day and being able to type way more efficiently with the Microsoft universal mobile keyboards than I ever could using the iPad’s screen.

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iFileBrowser. Manage & Edit Files Right Within iOS

16/04/2015 |

Hands up those of you who can remember the old classic file browser, back in the days of DOS, called Norton Commander? Norton made working with DOS as pleasurable as it could ever have been by not only offering a better way to copy a new files but also allowing you to work with multiple file formats within one application.

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Review: Overcast: Podcast Player. A good and free / trial ware podcast player

17/07/2014 |

From the creator of Instapaper comes the oft talked about Overcast Podcast Player.

One thing that Overcast does which no other podcast player does is to ask for an account to be created before you can do anything with the … Read More

AOTD: PintSaver. Find the Best Beer Deals Right From Your iPhone

12/06/2014 |

Trying to work out the best deals on your drink isn’t an easy business. Supermarkets know their psychology placing what “might” be the best deals on the ends of aisles but they aren’t always the best. Is that 4 pack really such a good deal per pint when compared to a multi pack. It’s all bothersome to work this out. PintSaver to the rescue.
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Review: Edifier Luna Eclipse e25 Bluetooth Speakers

05/06/2014 |

When your speakers go from oomph to pfft, sounding like the old biscuit tin sounding speakers of old there’s no two ways about it, it’s time to look for a replacement. A quick search later and the Edifier Luna Eclipse e25 Bluetooth Speakers have been given consistently good reviews, so we grabbed a set and started listening.
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First Look: MediaDevil Artisanphonics EB-01 premium wood earphones

02/06/2014 |

Trying to find a set of headphones at a non bank balance breaking price point which also sound half decent seems to be mission impossible if the offerings by Sony, Denon and even the £120 Jabra headphones are anything to go by. Coming in at under £30 these MediaDevil Artisanphonics are one of the highest rated headphones and worth taking a look at. Read More

Elgato Smart key Review : Never loose your keys again

11/05/2014 |

The Elgtao smart key is a fancy key fob that contains Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS to make sure you can always locate your keys or anything else you want the Smart Key to . It’s worth noting that you aren’t simply relegated to tracking your keys, attach it to anything you want to keep track off.

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TuneUp For Mac Review : Organsise, iDentify and DeDupe Your iTunes Library

07/05/2014 |

TuneUP for mac plugs right into your iTunes library to deal with all that cleaning up and organisation stuff. Track names are filled it along with artist information, you can clean up and de dupe songs along with applying album artwork Read More

Review: Breeze A Gorgeous Step Tracking And Motivation From Runkeeper

25/04/2014 |

Standing out in a crowded marketplace of fitness and step tracking apps is no easy task.  Breeze manages with aplomb to display step tracking that stands out from a crowded marketplace.

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