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EssentialMac | 09/10/2015

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All Reviews For Macally Europe Products

All Reviews For Macally Europe Products. We look at the Macally audio 3, Macally HDMI break out and other products. From first looks to reviews we examine Macally iOS Perhipherals and see if they are worthwhile

First Look : MacAlly IP-HDMI – iPad or iPhone HDMI Audio/Video Adapter

08/09/2012 |

Macally is one of those companies that come up with handy things you need for your iPad / iPhone but without the sky high prices of some of the bigger names.  The IP-HDMI connects to any iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, or video-capable iPod nano, allowing you to video via HDMI output at a resolution of up to 576p resolution.

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Reviewed : Macally Audio3 3-Way Headphone Splitter

03/09/2012 |

Macally is becoming one of those companies that make generally handy products.   Last year I reviewed the MacAlly Pad stand which holds your iPad safe and secure upside down, ready for mounting in the kitchen or anywhere else it could be just “handy”.  You can see my shaking test to show you just how well it grips on the review page.

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Macally MD-HD6C Mini DisplayPort to HDMI now Available

09/08/2012 |

The Macally MD-HD6C, is a Mini DisplayPort to HDMI cable with a length of 180 cm, connects your Apple computer with a Mini DisplayPort to any HDMI device, such as HDTV.
Supports a video resolution up to 1080p at 60Hz (full HD) and audio!
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Reviewed : MacAlly L-Dock Foldable iPhone Synch / Charging Dock3

17/07/2012 |

I’ve come to realise I’m one of those people who have a slightly OCD to keep their iPhone in it’s best conditions possible. The slightest dink or blemish on my gear and somehow that’s all I can see when I look at my idevice which seems to get disproportionally bigger with each glance. As much as I try to place my phone down on my desk with care, occasionally in a rush, not as much care is taken as should be. This leads me nicely onto the MacAlly L-Dock which is a portable, Foldable iPhone Synch / Charging Dock.

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Macally IP-HDMI, HDMI Audio/Video adapter For iPad, iPhone or iPod

07/06/2012 |

macally IP HDMI Macally IP HDMI, HDMI Audio/Video adapter For iPad, iPhone or iPod

Following on from their recent set of product releases, Macally are at it again with a HDMI adaptor for you iPad, iPhone or iPod.  Equipped to also power your iOS device whilst watching the IP-HDMI supports video up to 576P which could be a let down for some.

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MacAlly AUDIO3 – Share Your iTunes With 3 People At The Same Time

05/06/2012 |

MacAlly Audio3 MacAlly AUDIO3   Share Your iTunes With 3 People At The Same Time

Some time ago we reviewed the MacAlly Magstand, a funky dock that can hold your iPad upside down.  Now they’ve released the MacAlly AUDIO3 which allows up to 3 people to share your iTunes library at the same time.  Remember that silent party / disco craze, it may just make a comeback with this.

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MacAlly MagStand Magnetic Cabinet Mount And Viewing Stand Review

28/09/2011 | 1

As we all know iPad stands are pretty much 10 a penny but there aren’t that many that go out of their way to advertise the fact you can hold your iPad in its less than natural position, upside down.
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Macally’s MAGSTAND for your iPad 2, available this month

28/08/2011 |

Sometimes the best things are the most simple and the Magstand from MacAlly is just that. An incredibly simple iPad 2 magnetic stand. There aren’t that many stands that would hold your iPad upside down whilst having a shake down.

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