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EssentialMac | 25/11/2015

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Ripping CD’s With iTunes Now illegal (again)

07/08/2015 |

You could almost file this one under conspiracy with the launch of Apple Music and the government now cracking down on piracy, however… Anyone who uses iTunes to rip a CD is technically breaking the law following recent changes to UK copyright legislation.

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14 Day iTunes Refunds Now Available, Providing You Haven’t Downloaded Your Purchase

30/12/2014 |

A new policy in the iTunes store, somewhat hidden away, has revealed a new policy that allows up to 14 days for users to cancel their purchases.
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What you get if you cross Apple and The Beatles?

26/11/2014 |

In 1968 the Beatles founded Apple Records, a record label intended as a creative outlet for the Beatles. This got us wondering, what if Apple Record and Apple Computer were the same thing? To answer this question we’ve restyled some iconic Beatles vinyl as if they were designed by Apple. 
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$100 Million Was The Cost Of Apple Giving Away U2’s Songs of Innocence

13/09/2014 |

A great PR stunt and a little bit of invasion to your iTunes collection, U2’s ‘Songs of Innocence’ could have been another disruptive move by Apple.  Beyonce dropped her Album onto iTunes and that also hit the top of the charts.
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TuneUp For Mac Review : Organsise, iDentify and DeDupe Your iTunes Library

07/05/2014 |

TuneUP for mac plugs right into your iTunes library to deal with all that cleaning up and organisation stuff. Track names are filled it along with artist information, you can clean up and de dupe songs along with applying album artwork Read More

MacPaw “Listen” Review – Gesture Based Interface For Your iTunes Library

29/01/2014 |

Swiping in app’s has been given a boost since iOS 7 and now MacPaw have taken swiping to a completely new lever.  Doing away with buttons and text labels, MacPaw release Listen, An App that’s “less app and more listening”

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iTunes Match 1 Year on, Is It Worth The Asking Price?

17/12/2012 |

As near as darn it to the day, iTunes match became active, allowing users to store music in the cloud and the opportunity to re-download songs at a higher bit rate then the source if it’s less than 256kb. Todays … Read More

iTunes Festival 2012 : Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds Now Streaming on Apple TV

12/09/2012 |

It’s been a busy and somewhat exhausting day so why not take some time out to listen to the sounds of Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds now streaming via the iTunes festival app on your Apple TV.  Watching it now via … Read More

Apple rolls out iTunes movies in the Cloud to UK, Australia, Canada, more

20/07/2012 |

In allowing users to redownload any film they have purchased through their UK iTunes account, Apple is giving customers a way to easily track and retrieve previously purchased content. This is especially helpful for users with smaller hard drives in their MacBooks and iOS devices. Now they don’t have to back up and store all the large media purchases they made. When finished watching a film, the user can just delete it and the redownload it again when necessary.

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The word “Jailbreak” is censored no more

18/05/2012 |

The web was set alight, well ok a few people noticed that Apple had recently started censoring the word “Jailbreak”.  After all googling “Jailbreak” will invariably lead to sites discussing unlocking an iPhone and not say a legitimate name of a game for example or even the Thin Lizzy Song Jailbreak.

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