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EssentialMac | 10/10/2015

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7 Years Ago This Day The iPhone Was Announced

10/01/2014 |

It’s hard to believe that 7 years ago to the day, Steve Jobs got up on stage and announced a phone that changed the course of mobile phones / mobile computing as we know it.  The iPhone.
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Can you cut down your Micro Sim to Nano Sim Size?

21/09/2012 |

The people over at Equinux (@equinux) seem to certainly think so, well at least it’s not stopped them from having a try. They took a standard Micro Sim, cutaway the plastic and some of the actual sim card ready for their iPhone 5. Has anyone else tried this? 
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Samsung Vs Apple Second Quater Sales Results

12/07/2012 |

So according to analysts reports, Samsung managed to shift  6.5m Units.  Whilst the S3 might be outselling it’s main rival the HTC one X but let’s not forget the iPhone 5 lands in october. (figures from intomobile)

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HTC One X v iPhone Browser Test

12/05/2012 | 1

HTC ONE X V Iphone HTC One X v iPhone Browser Test

The specs of the HTC one are impressive to say the least. Boasting a heft CPU bigger screen amongst the top features. I managed to get my hands on it for a short time and took a video of the HTC One X Browser v iPhone Safari. Seems that the iPhone smoked the HTC One X this time around.. .

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Blackberry-maker RIM admits defeat. “Focussing on business customers”

30/03/2012 |

20120330 120109 Blackberry maker RIM admits defeat. Focussing on business customers

The company that makes Blackberry smart phones says it is withdrawing from the consumer market to concentrate on business customers.

Source : BBC News

Gracious in defeat
. Although somewhat odd just after they launched a high end consumer product in Harrods 6 days ago source : crackberry. Strikes me as a company that’s long been at odds with itself, never taking the Bold move (pardon the pun) to find its own direction in the consumer market.

According to figures in the last quarter rim shipped 11.1 million units but at 30% or more less than the panned average selling price (ASP). Apple in the same time shipped 37.04 million iPhones (source : cnet without having to slash prices.

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Bloomberg : Apple’s Siri Feature Doubles IPhone Data Usage

07/01/2012 |

According to a somewhat vauge report at Bloomberg, iPhone 4s phone users consume double the data of iPhone 4 users thanks, mainly, to Siri.

Network analyst Arieso claims that the voice navigation software could see users incur significantly higher bills, and mobile networks struggle with the volume of data being transmitted.

Arieso reached the conclusion after analysing the data usage of one million smartphone owners on an unnamed European network.

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Blackberry vs Apple aka Christmas day setting up a Blackberry

31/12/2011 |

So there i was on Christmas day, sat around the family table exchanging presents and hoping, for the love of god that my little sister would like her Blackberry.

Being the one member of the family other than the tech freak of a sister I have, Christmas day was spent setting up a Blackberry. No, before anyone starts this is not a bashing or fanboy article. I spend what resources I have to look for what alternatives there are in the mobile phone ecosphere however it seemed to feel like windows 95 in a windows 7 world, even more so DOS akin to Mac OSX.

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Run OSX Lion on your iPhone (sort of..) with Ultimatum

20/09/2011 |

We don’t often comment often on such areas like the jail breaking community however when we saw this one it definitely makes the grade as a news item.

Not many readers will probably remember the old days of Windows Mobile. … Read More

iPhone Rumor Roundup As Of August 24th

24/08/2011 |

Another day, moment, week and something apple is being rumored. So we’ve rounded up this weeks iPhone and Apple rumors in the best of the rumors.

Friday 26th August : iPhone 4s Leaked Pictures

So it;s not actually the iPhone … Read More

iPhone and iPad To Get Magsafe Charging?

18/08/2011 |

Magsafe has saved my laptop many a time and so I was overjoyed to come across the news that Apple has successfully applied for a patent to bring its Mac-saving MagSave power cable technology to iOS devices.

Magsafe was … Read More