Proporta iPhone 5 case pre-orders come with FREE Screen Protector

iphone 5 proporta Proporta iPhone 5 case pre orders come with FREE Screen ProtectorWith the iPhone 5 specifications and dimensions fully confirmed case manufacturers are now out of the starting blocks.  Proporta’s brand new line-up of iPhone 5 cases and accessories are now available to pre-order with each case pre-order receiving a free screen protector worth £4.95.

Now is a good as time as any to make sure your new iPhone is protected when you get it.  Read on to see the Proporta iPhone Case Range and read on to get a further 5% off!

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Reviewed : Macally Audio3 3-Way Headphone Splitter

MacAlly Audio3

Macally is becoming one of those companies that make generally handy products.   Last year I reviewed the MacAlly Pad stand which holds your iPad safe and secure upside down, ready for mounting in the kitchen or anywhere else it could be just “handy”.  You can see my shaking test to show you just how well it grips on the review page.

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Reviewed : MacAlly L-Dock Foldable iPhone Synch / Charging Dock3

I’ve come to realise I’m one of those people who have a slightly OCD to keep their iPhone in it’s best conditions possible. The slightest dink or blemish on my gear and somehow that’s all I can see when I look at my idevice which seems to get disproportionally bigger with each glance. As much as I try to place my phone down on my desk with care, occasionally in a rush, not as much care is taken as should be. This leads me nicely onto the MacAlly L-Dock which is a portable, Foldable iPhone Synch / Charging Dock.

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