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EssentialMac | 03/09/2015

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iPad Mini Gets Ripped Open, Teardown Commences

02/11/2012 |

It’s fair to say we aren’t exactly fans of the iFixit bunch after their ridiculous video that incited scratchgate  (and their use of child labor to destroy an iPhone 5) but none the less it’s nice to see the iPad … Read More

iPad Mini Nano Data Sim Plans Compared

01/11/2012 |

Well it’s here, Apple’s own mini iPad complete with 4g capability that you can use in the UK, well as long as you live in an area covered.  So what deal gives you the best data for your money.  We look at all the major providers and work out how much an iPad Data plan will cost you over the contract length.

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Its Official. The iPad Mini : 7.9” (its a smaller iPad 2 it seems)

23/10/2012 |

It’s thin and beautiful, introducing the new iPad Mini. Up on stage is Phil Schiller with the iPad mini and it looks good Not just a shrunken down iPad but something made with ideas and engineering genius…
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It’s Official Apple ‘iPad Mini’ event announced for October 23

16/10/2012 |

Well we covered iPad mini prices, had our ramble on the iPad mini specifications so we might as well post some actual news.  Just in case you didn’t know the ‘iPad Mini’ event is scheduled for October 23.

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Apple iPad mini Price Leaks? Cellular and Wi-fi from €250 – €649

14/10/2012 |

Well blow me, a day after writing up our speculation post on the iPad mini word has come about on the pricing for the iPad mini. Starting at $250 for a wi-fi 8GB models.  So as expected prices are more than the Nexus 7 model
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iPad Mini unveiling October 23 – Our Specification Thoughts And Speculations

13/10/2012 |

Every man and his dog seems to be posting iPad mini news so we thought we’d jump on that bandwagon as well, especially since it seems October 23 2012 will be iPad mini release day. The thing is for all those “wanting” the mini, has anyone used the Nexus 7 to get a feel for the form factor and practicality?  I have my first Android tablet now and I’m mixed on the size, why would I want to do tasks on a smaller screen if I’m going to the hassle of pulling it out of my tech bag?

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Is there really a need for an iPad mini? Are 7″ tablets over-rated?

04/09/2012 | 1

ipad mini editorial Is there really a need for an iPad mini? Are 7 tablets over rated?

After reading “David Chartier wonders why the 7-inch product category even exists” it got me to thinking about a few iPad things.

With the original iPad being released in 2010, why is it now “obvious” that the tablet segment needs a smaller form factor? 2 long years have passed since Apple undoubtably created something that shook the market up. Ok so Apple doesn’t create new products but they create desire, taking parts and processes from existing lines and bringing them together in a fashions that had yet to be realised but seem obvious when done so.  At the very least you can argue that Apple creates products that define a generation or at least inspire companies to copy their lead.

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Could the iPad mini have the iPad 2 cpu and iPhone 3gs Screen?

31/08/2012 |

…this suggests that the iPad Mini is, effectively, an iPad 2: an A5 with 512 MB of RAM and enough GPU power to drive the display..

An interesting little snippet here from coming up with an interesting theory.  Tim Cook’s well … Read More