Reviewed : IPEVO PV-01 360 Degrees Rotating Folio Case for the new iPad 3 and iPad 2


On the day day “the new iPad” arrived at the office it came with a filofax style case.  This was fine for a while, keeping things snug and protected.  Granted it looked like it had ideas above it’s station it was just a case that ended up”trying to be posh but you know it’s cheap”  Limited on it’s folding inclines and no chance of using in portrait mode IPEVO must of heard my frustrations and hence we have here today for review their 360 case.

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PadProp iPad Stand – Sit and consume in comfort

PadProp Top Down Shot

The new iPad is a technological marvel, faster, better graphics processing and that lucious retina display but there is still one thing the iPad shares in common with every single tablet on the market. How to sit on the sofa (or couch) without adopting the one leg over the other position that invariably leads to more fidgeting than a small child on a sugar rush.
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