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EssentialMac | 09/10/2015

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iOS 5 | EssentialMac

iOS 5 1 Year On – How Much Difference Has It Made?

11/06/2012 |

An interesting read from the Guardian newspaper taking a look at what was promised in iOS 5 and how much of it do we really use 1 year down the line.  Source : Guardian Online

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iOS 5.1 For iPhone 4S, 4, 3GS, iPad And iPod touch Download Links

07/03/2012 |

iOS 5.1 software update iOS 5.1 For iPhone 4S, 4, 3GS, iPad And iPod touch Download Links

Nothing much was really said about the iOS 5.1 software update as there were other things to be moving along with but it’s available now from these official Apple links.

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List of UK Siri Commands *tested*

15/12/2011 |

After a bit of searching we’ve found a complete(ish) set of commands to make your life with Siri a touch easier.  Those lines that are strikedthrough  are aimed for our US readers.

Without further ado, let’s see the commands shall we?

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Apple Cards app updated with improved text entry, more

08/12/2011 |

We reviewed cards a while back and one of the main bugs that came across was the post code validation, especially in the UK. Cards has been updated to 1.0.1 which promises better accuracy, text entry and more.  Don’t forget to check out of Cards / Letterpress App review here.

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iMessage Could not sign in. Please check your network connection and try again

01/12/2011 |

In the same fashion as the Facetime error it seems that iMessage is having a few issues of it’s own. Reports are coming in that when trying to use a new iPad and after activation, iMessage gives you the following error.
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iPhone 4s Battery Problems Caused By Software?

14/11/2011 |

Take 2 iPhones from the same network, running the same iOS version put them side by side and see what the difference is in the battery life to see if the battery drain problem can be fixed.  That’s what the … Read More

Apple’s Card App Compared To Hallmark and Others

06/11/2011 |

Just recently I tried the Apple Card App (letter press) to send a last minute card to the other half. Along the way I found out that postage times are 5 – 15 working days and there’s no tracking or even an e-mail to say it’s on the way. You do get an invoice near to when it’s being delivered but still, like a lot of things Apple, it’s missing a few features but we still use it.
Apple Card Vs Hallmark Apples Card App Compared To Hallmark and Others

Well after a bit of waiting the card arrived and it’s not too bad if a little small. The card quality is very high and comes embossed not just cheap style printing on paper. Speaking of which the paper is high quality rag paper. Thankfully the other half knows what a gadget geek I am and with the added bonus she appreciated the nerdy way of going from iPhone to door. Even though I was (or Apple was) late getting the card, she was very impressed.

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Apple’s Card app Tried and Tested.

13/10/2011 | 8

Apple card letterpress header Apples Card app Tried and Tested.Its easy to overlook the first announcement of the recent Apple fest, Cards for iPhone and Ipad.  I had completely forgotten about it until I realised I’d failed to get a card for “the other half”.

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Apple Icloud updated (showing new errors anyways!)

04/10/2011 |

Interesting tit bit this.  Even tho IOS5 has been announced to be released on Friday 12th October, the iCloud website has been updated.

Well not so much an update but an interesting error when you try to sign in.

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