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EssentialMac | 10/10/2015

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WWDC 2014: SMS Sorted, Phone Calls From Your Mac

03/06/2014 |

Now we all love iMessage we can continue our conversation seamlessly from device to device but then we have these green bubble friends.. Read More

iMessage Stuck Sending Fix for iOS Coming Soon From Apple

02/10/2013 |

Having problems with iMessage being stuck sending a message and not reverting to text messages, fed up of having to reboot your phone to that messages will arrive at their destination? There’s good news this morning as Apple have promised to fix the bug in iOS 7.0.3

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Could Not Sign In To iMessage. The server encountered an error processing registration

19/07/2013 |

It’s not everyday that iMessage has an issue but today in the office I was greeted with Could Not Sign In To iMessage. The server encountered an error processing registration.  Please try again later.  Have you had this problem and if … Read More

How to remove iMessage Lag

18/05/2012 |

It was only a matter of time before someone breached the void between computer and phone. Why did it take so long for someone (Apple) to introduce a desktop messaging system that inter operates with a phone.

That being said … Read More

iMessage Could not sign in. Please check your network connection and try again

01/12/2011 |

In the same fashion as the Facetime error it seems that iMessage is having a few issues of it’s own. Reports are coming in that when trying to use a new iPad and after activation, iMessage gives you the following error.
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Why does iMessage and Text messages appear in separate conversations.

24/11/2011 |

This is a problem that I’m having at the moment. When using iMessage it will sometimes show text message and then revert back to iMessage. Problem is that both of these types of messages are in different conversation threads, making … Read More