SoundPeats Q12 Bluetooth Headphones Review.

Sure those PowerBeats headphones Apple showed off might look the business but the reality is not everyone can afford the $199. I mean how is it possible that a set of headphones with a fraction of the technology an iPhone contains costs 1/3 the price? Granted a lot goes into speaker technology but still.

So today I’m looking at completely the other end of the spectrum of headphones with a price range that most mere mortals can afford, the SoundPeats Q12. Who knows if due to some dodgy translation it was supposed to be SoundBeats.

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Top 5 Best Workout Headphones (Early 2016)

Best Workout Headphones 2016

Music makes us work out harder and endure that work out longer so obviously your workout headphones are an important purchase.

Things considered in this roundup have been sound quality, Comfort and Fit, Durability, compatibility, Price and any extras all of which have been used to compile this list.
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Active Wrap Headphones Review. Only $29 yet incredibly uncomfortable


These SPBEAT9 Active Wrap Headphones kicking around on the stack social website for a tempting $24 plus shipping. It might seem like a no-brainer to get a set of wireless headphones given the price points but before you spend your money read on.

Updated.  Avoid these at all costs.  You can now purchase these for just $5 from AliExpress and since publishing TRNDLabs have removed the SPBEAT9 branding.  In short they’ve purchased these cheap, written some copy, taken a few pictures and watched the cash roll in.

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Reviewed : Denon AHC560R In Ear Headphones with Remote & Mic

Denon AHC560R Box

The Apple supplied headphones can be described as mediocre at best and I’ve long been on the hunt for a decent set of headphones without a bank balancing crushing price. I use my headphones everyday for long periods of time that would pretty much be considered unhealthy, so I was overjoyed when I discovered the Denon AHC560R on sale. But once again like my last headphone purchase, disappointment promptly welcomed me when I opened up the box.
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Sony DR-EX300iP In-Ear With Remote & Mic Worse than Stock Apple Headphones

Sony DR-EX300iP Headphones

I’m not overly fussy or picky when it comes to technology but I do like to do a bit of research first, especially something that I use all the time.  For example I wont purchase a cheap mouse or keyboard because “it’ll do” as that just stupid and headphones are no exception.  Finding these Sony DR-EX300iP heaphones and checking out their 4 and 5 star review you’d think it’s a no brainer and for someone like me needing, no craving some better phones for iPhone I bought a set of these Sony DR-EX300iP with high hopes.

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