XCOM 2 Gameplay Leaks on Twitch. Spoilers Ahead

Xcom 2 gameplay is started to leak out on the very popular Twitch.TV channel. If you’re interested in how the new Xcom is going to look head over to this channel before it’s potentially removed. The voice behind the gameplay seems to be Xcom expert BeagleRush who’s produced many YouTube videos but quite whether he’s breaking NDA by streaming a beta version of the game is anyones guess.

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EA Origin Gaming Platform Comes To Mac In An Alpha Version

Origin Gaming Alpha

Origin is Electronic Arts platform to enable PC users to download games to their systems. Today EA has announced Mac owners will be able to get in on the action in the form of an Alpha version of the Origin client. Don’t go rushing to the Origin website just yet tho.

To start with the Alpha is only being opened up to a “a few thousand” users in North America and Europe. You can get the client from the Origin web store’s demos page.

Also worth noting this is an Alpha and just in case you didn’t know those come before beta’s and can often come with their fair share of bugs. For those who get in on the action will be gifted with a free copy of PopCap’s word-forming puzzle game Bookworm in the My Games library. Even better news is that you can heel this after the final release

EA remarked that it hopes the existence of an Origin client for Mac will serve as a motivation for more of the company’s games to appear on the platform. That being the case, which ones would you like to see that aren’t already announced?

Welcome to the Origin for Mac alpha.
Thank you for agreeing to alpha-test Origin for Mac. Your input will help shape the best possible experience for future users.

Before downloading the alpha version, make sure you are on a Mac that has OS X 10.6.8 or newer with an Intel Core 2 Duo processor.

Please note that the Origin Store tab is not yet live during this Alpha trial, but it will be live when we formally release the client. The service is currently in development, so functionality will be limited.

The mac sure is gaining some traction as a gaming system alongside home / office productivity. Steam has been around for a while now and with a competitor launching finally, we could see those AAA title’s heading to our Mac in a more timely fashion

Source (EA Origin Webpage )http://www.origin.com/us/news/origin-for-mac-the-alpha-starts-today-sign-up-now

Batman: Arkham City Game of the Year Edition

Batman Arkham City Harley Quinn

Calling all BatFans, Arkham City may have been out on the PC and consoles for the best part of 8 months at the time of writing but with the Mac version you get all the released DLC content. I’ve streamed myself playing this on Twitch.tv for more hours than I care to remember. An amazing narrative and a killer ending that you have to see. Batman: Arkham City is a 10gb download from the App store.
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Epic New South Park: The Stick Of Truth trailer

South Park The Stick Of Truth

Dear Game Developers, usually your tie in’s suck. I mean so bad you should give up developing games and go and do something a bit more worthy of your skills.. something like develop for the Android Platform because that’s what you deserve after the Family Guy Game. South Park: The Stick Of Truth trailer “will be written and sung about on youtube for days to come”
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Announcing Guild Wars 2 for Mac

Guild Wars Mac Beta

The Mac Beta client is available immediately for all Guild Wars 2 players. It shares the same features and connects to the same live game servers as the PC client. Anyone who purchases Guild Wars 2 can now play it on both PC and Mac.  All you need is an active Guild Wars 2 account to download the Mac Beta client. Source : Guild Wars 2

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