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EssentialMac | 09/10/2015

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Gadget Geeks Is Back on Sky HD, Monday 16 January

08/01/2013 |

Gadget Geeks is returning for a 2nd season this January on Sky HD (uk).  The last season started well but ended up leaving me cold and really not bothering me if I watched it.  For me it’s a show of … Read More

Gadget Geeks Season 1 Episode 5 Recap

13/02/2012 |

The team create a chip fat powered restaurant and help a film lover put several surround sound systems through their paces. In this week’s product test only 3 sets of speakers areon test which is understandable given the complexity of having to set these things up pack them away, set them up again etc etc.

An interesting side note is a surround sound experts – expert is brought in to help configure the systems for this test.

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Gadget Geeks Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

06/02/2012 |

Here we go with this weeks GadgetGeeks recap. The gadgeteer’s help musician test the best noise cancelling headphones, and construct a robot jockey to help a horse trainer exercise their steed.

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Sky 1 Gadget Geeks Taking On The Gadget Show.

03/01/2012 | 3

Take six presenters, present them with reviews and challenges, add a mix of mythbusters along with a touch of Blast Lab (the explosions) and you have Gadget Geeks coming to Sky 1 HD to take on the dominant Gadget Show

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Gadget Show iPhone 4s vs Convergance Tech Special

21/12/2011 |

The experiment is simple and was really hyped by the Gadget show broadcast here in the UK on a monday night 8pm GMT.  Is the iPhone 4s really better than the gadget it seeks to replace?  and equalling the price of the 16gb 4s

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Gadget Show iPhone 4s Special Shows Bias Against Apple.

20/12/2011 | 1

That’s a bit of a harsh title you might think, after all The Gadget Show shown here in the UK every Monday night has been about for a while now so how can they possibly be biased against the iPhone and indeed the iPad.

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Onavo for iPhone, a real money saving app?

20/05/2011 |

Here in the UK we live in the land of the Unlimited*. The asterix being all important as nothing is really unlimited, just fair and never really telling you how much you can use till mobile operators feel like charging … Read More