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EssentialMac | 26/11/2015

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Equinux Tizi.TV Review : Mini USB TV Tuner For Mac

25/03/2013 |

Are TV Tuners for Mac done and dusted, an obsolete technology in an age of Online tv and catchup services? Equinux doesn’t think so, releasing Tizi.TV for Mac, an almost impossibly small usb TV tuner for free to air broadcasts.
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Can you cut down your Micro Sim to Nano Sim Size?

21/09/2012 |

The people over at Equinux (@equinux) seem to certainly think so, well at least it’s not stopped them from having a try. They took a standard Micro Sim, cutaway the plastic and some of the actual sim card ready for their iPhone 5. Has anyone else tried this? 
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Elgato Tivizen vs Equinux Tizi : Face off time

23/07/2011 |

In an article that’s long overdue we are putting the Elgato Tivizen and the Equinux Tizi head to head in this exclusive article.

Seeing as the hardware under the hood is exactly the same we are going to focus on the user experience, breaking it down into the following categories.

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Review : Equinux tizi Mobile Tv For iPad and iPhone Review (HANDS ON)

20/07/2011 | 3

As gadgets go, I have to admit, that when I saw this little gem floating around on other review websites, I had to get it for myself and give it a thorough shake down. Personally to me some of the … Read More

Equinux Tizi iPhone TV tuner

08/05/2011 |

**UPDATE  We spent a fornight with the Equinux Tizi Hands on.. Please head over to our updated review**

TV tuners are plentiful ranging from cheap and cheerful USB gadgets to more expensive network-enabled devices such as the Slingbox range or Elgato’s Netstream. However, the Tizi is the first TV tuner I’ve seen that is exclusively designed for the iOS platform.

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