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EssentialMac | 31/07/2015

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GoEuro. The Ultimate Three-in-one search for rail, coach and air providers in a simple to use app

30/05/2015 |

GoEuro has launched a brand new free and easy to use app on Android and iOS, providing the best options for travel by train, coach or air, all at the simple touch of a button. The new app will allow users to compare travel time and prices from over 160 rail and coach companies as well as airlines globally, enabling them to compare travel time and prices for the full journey, and book their tickets in eight countries.
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MobiSystems Office Suite Review. Open & Edit Office Documents Stored Anywhere.

06/04/2015 |

One standard has stood the passage of time and thats the ubiquitous office formats from the windows world.  Being able to easily edit word, excel file on your iphone / iPad is now common place and with MobiSystems Office Suite app, even better than even Microsofts own offerings.

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Ministry of Sound Radio app Review. Stylishly Executed MoS Radio Player

25/03/2015 |

The Ministry of Sound have just released their own radio app for iOS allowing you to listen to their MoS offering and listening to their live weekender sets.

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Glimpse, Preview Websites Right Within Notification Centre.

23/03/2015 |

Glimpse brings website previews to your notification centre letting you “glimpse” at sites without having to unlock your iPhone. Finally notification centre has something to make it less nagging (at least in my case).
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AOTD: JpegMini, Put Your Photo On A Compression Diet And See The Difference.

16/03/2015 |

Theres several ways you can speed up your website, use a CDN, get a better host but none of that is going to help unless your images are properly optimised.  JpegMini helps do just that, providing the optimum balance between compression, quality and clarity.

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AOTD: Nutshell For iOS. Turn any moment into a short, shareable visual story.

20/02/2015 |

Billing itself as the best of Vine, Snapchat and Instagram combined, Nutshell makes it simple to create  it a great way to share life’s special moments and all you need is three photos to get you started.
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Burn Off The Xmas Calories With The Best Running Apps for your iPhone

28/12/2014 |

2014 was the year I started running and actually did the fabled “couch to 5k” running plan and all it took to drop a stone in weight and trim up was 20 minutes a day going up and beyond that.  For kicks I’d have RunKeeper in the background so i could see my time and distances ever improving.  But RunKeeper is not the only app out there.

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ABBYY FineReader Pro 12 For Mac Review

22/12/2014 |

Nothing makes for a better review than when it’s used in the real world for a practical purpose.  Exactly what’s happened to me this last week. I’ve had OCR apps for my iPhone and whilst theyre fine for a quick capture, this project needed something meatier.
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Black Friday Deal: Blogo The Best WordPress App For Mac only $10

28/11/2014 | 2

We make no secret here of just how much we love Blogo, the blogging app for the Mac that lets you do your blogging on your Mac and then publish to your wordpress powered blog.  Yet it’s so much more than a simple type and push interface.
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Hanx Writer TypeWriting App. From Tom Hanks Dontch’a Know

19/08/2014 |

Back before the Amstrad PCW range of pc’s made by “business studies” group bearable I had to cut my chops on a manual typewriter and believe me there wasn’t a lot to miss when the moment you press the delete key, items deleted.  Anyone reading this has probably never experienced the pain of manually counting a title so to be able to centre align.  Yet there is a reason Hanx is a worthwhile app.

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