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EssentialMac | 28/08/2015

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4G Now Available on Three, USA Gets Three Roaming

04/12/2013 |

Three launches 4G in the UK finally and adds the USA to it’s roaming “stay at home” meaning all those minutes, texts AND data as part of your allowance can be used in the USA.
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Vodafone Boosts 4G plans with 4GB data freebie. 6GB For The Price of 2GB

10/09/2013 |

Vodaphone launched their 4g offering recently and now If you sign up by the end of October to a 4G-ready Red plan, you will receive an extra 4GB allowance.

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Why The iPhone 5 Doesn’t Work on O2 or Vodafone 4G

05/09/2013 |

Not all 4G providers are the same and you’ll be surprised that o2 and Vodaphone 4g services wont work with the iPhone 5. Here’s a quick explanation why.
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Three UK to offer LTE for £19 a month, One Month Contract & A Standard Contract Feature

05/02/2013 |

Big news for 4G iPhone users in the uk. Three UK plans to separate itself from its competitors by charging £12 (~$19) per month on a rolling one-month contract. 4g will be part of their standard service and not a seperate offering like EE, Orange and T-mobile
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EE Comes To Nine More Town and Cities

31/01/2013 |

EE, Everything Everywhere, the first 4g Network in the UK has now comes to 9 more towns and cities. This makes a total of 27 towns and cities with 4g coverage.
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4G EE and 4GEE Officially Available in 12 Cities Today

11/09/2012 |


More details are spilling out on the official day that the UK get’s it’s very of 4G network.  Four UK cities – London, Birmingham, Bristol and Cardiff – had their 4G signals switched on today with another 12 ready to offer.  Also announced are the official handsets which are ready for launch day but no mention of the iPhone 5.  The iPhone 5 is officially supported and will be ready for EE launch.

EE will also launch superfast 4G mobile and fixed-line fibre broadband services in the coming weeks. It will also offer standard broadband via ADSL in non-fibre areas.

Everything Everywhere Coverage Map 4G EE and 4GEE Officially Available in 12 Cities Today

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EveryThing Everywhere Rebrands as EE, 1/3rd Of UK to Go 4G Before Christmas

11/09/2012 |

Everything Everywhere Header 1 EveryThing Everywhere Rebrands as EE, 1/3rd Of UK to Go 4G Before Christmas

Everything Everywhere which is made up of Orange and T-mobile has announced a new 4g network for the UK to be called EE. Rolling out 4G to 16 cities covering a third of the UK by Christmas.

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What’s Next For Orange, T-Mobile & Everything Everywhere?

22/08/2012 |

In the last 24 hours there has been a lot of press around both the Everything Everywhere brands (Orange and T-Mobile) regarding 4G.

Everything Everywhere value their affiliates and would like to send this official communication confirming that they are delighted at Ofcom’s decision and they look forward to launching 4G soon.

The company will also be launching a new third brand which will sit alongside Orange and T-Mobile.

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Three Joins The 4g Everything Everywhere Joy

21/08/2012 |

Economic benefits of 4G web 600x450 Three Joins The 4g Everything Everywhere Joy

You couldn’t help but notice that the UK will start to get 4g rollout this year as early as september thanks to Everything Everywhere  but now UK network operator Three (who won the best value sim for your iPad / iPhone) are also joining the party.  Three is a network that’s more aimed at Data so it shouldn’t be surprising they’ve joined the 4g party.

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Some of the best iPad Data Plans Compared

09/04/2012 | 2

Recently in the podcast I had a good old rant about the lack of proper information when people simply state the new iPad is a data chewer.  In the UK we won’t be getting anything like LTE (4g) internet at least until the latter end of 2013.

With that in mind we’ve gone through some of the most popular mobile providers in the uk to compare their data tarrifs to help you understand the deals out there.

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