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EssentialMac | 29/05/2015

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BugShot Becomes Pinpoint. Nicely Mark Up iOS ScreenShots

29/05/2015 |

My friends at Lickability asked a while back if I’d be interested in selling Bugshot to them. Since it was worth approximately $0 under my stewardship and I had no plans to ever update it again, I just gave it to them and wished them the best, hoping they’d someday do something with it. Now, they have.

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Fix For Update Seed 10.10.4 (14E26a) “Show Details Loop” after clicking restart.

28/05/2015 |

Having problems installing the latest seed from Apple for Yosemite 10.10.4 (14E26a). If like me you were stuck in an infiniate loop of it saying “Details have changed” whenver you press restart there is a fix.

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Old iMessage Bug Causes iPhone To Crash With A Single Message

27/05/2015 |

but don’t worry just yet.  You need to have a criteria in place for the iMessage bug to cause your phone to crash just from the act of receiving a message.

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Reviewed : Slots – Pharaoh’s Fire. Addictive Personalities Beware.

24/05/2015 |

When this game came up on my review list, I genuinely thought “Oh great, yet another slots game”. But yet on I went to download the game. After about 10 mins of playing the game I was hooked. Slots games where you aren’t playing for real money always run the risk of being boring, but after playing Slots – The Pharaoh’s Way, I am glad that I wasn’t playing for real money otherwise I’d be broke. The graphics are great and the premise of collecting diamonds to appear in the slot to move up the levels make this an interesting game to play.

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How To Wipe A Stolen Apple Watch Without A Passcode

14/05/2015 |

Whilst the Apple watch might become slightly inert the moment it’s removed from your wrist that doesn’t necessarily mean the more nefarious types can’t wipe your Apple Watch and claim it for themselves.

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Mobile Network iD by Carphone Warehouse & Dixons Launches. Powered by Three

12/05/2015 |

Remember Dixons? You might do as John Browett was group chief executive of the troubled electronics retailer Dixons until 2012 when he Moved to apple as senior vice-president of retail only to be kicked out some 6 months later?Well they … Read More

Popcorn Time iOS Installer For Mac Released [No Jailbreak Required]

06/05/2015 |

It’s been quite a time for PopCorn Time the last few weeks. First of all the UK high courts block access to Popcorntime, windows gets an iOS installer and now finally, the Mac has an Popcorn Time iOS installer.
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7 Bluetooth Headphones for your Apple Watch

04/05/2015 |

Once you go wireless with your headphones it;s incredibly hard to even contemplate going wired. Even if those headphones aren’t the best sounding, somewhat iffy battery life and bluetooth compression turns music into a mushy mess.

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My last reason for a Microsoft pc has gone. windows media centre is dead.

02/05/2015 |

Windows media centre was exactly how, in my opinion tv on your PC should have been. A nice responsive UI that worked well on the 10ft screen. I loved windows media centre despite trying xbmc and various other “media centers”. Sadly today windows mce becomes obsolete. Read More

Updated Guide. Install PopcornTime On iOS without Jailbreaking

01/05/2015 | 3

It turns out that the original guide on how to install popcorn time for iOS without the need for a jailbreak is in need of a bit of a refresh so here is the updated guide to install what can … Read More