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EssentialMac | 09/10/2015

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iPhone 6s with TSMC Chips Run Up To 7% Than Samsung A9 processor models

08/10/2015 |

It didnt take long but we finally have our next #gate scandal. This time its #ChipGate with claims being made that if your iPhone is built with a processor from TSMC might run up to 7% faster than those produced by Samsung.

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Magic Trackpad 2, Magic Mouse 2 & Magic Keyboard Revealed

08/10/2015 |

It might have taken longer than expected but code within OS X 10.11.1 starts to shine a light on a possible launch of a new Magic Trackpad 2, Magic Mouse 2 & Magic Keyboard .

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Doom on the Apple Watch.

05/10/2015 |

Is there no platform on which Doom won;t make an appearance? Granted it might not be full fat doom but it’s a nice demo of what the Apple watch can do.
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The State Of Adblocking, Working For A Better Web, Peace. The Crystal Interview Part 2

24/09/2015 |

It was my great pleasure to interview Dean Murphy of [Crystal – Block Ads, Browse Faster]. At the time of recording was number 1 in 16 countries around the world in the App Store. We cover many topics, so much so that it’s a 2 parter edition of the Rampant Mumblings.
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Interview With Crystal Developer Dean Murphy. The State Of Adblocking, Inspirations and Life Change. Part 1

22/09/2015 |

Given the weekends announcement that Marco Arment, the developer of Peace and other great apps, decided to pull his offering, this podcast is strangely on topic for once. It was my great pleasure to interview Dean Murphy of Crystal ( We cover many topics, so much so that it’s a 2 parter edition of the Rampant Mumblings.

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WatchOS 2 Officially Released

21/09/2015 |

WatchOS 2 was originally scheduled to be released last Wednesday, September 16 alongside the release of iOS 9, but a “critical bug” prevented Apple from pushing out the update.

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Apple Announce Official Guidelines For Screen Protectors For iPhone 6s Series.

18/09/2015 |

Apple announced today their official guidelines for screen protectors for the iPhone 6s series. If you are looking for a great screen protector Cinder, The Worlds First Curved Glass Screen Protector is highly recommended.
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Apple News. Basically Safari Reader View In Reverse

18/09/2015 |

A lot has been said how Apple News is going to be the ruination of mobile advertising along with content blocking.  Yet all Apple news really is just Safari “Reader” view with bookmarks.  Essentially instead of going from a webpage to “Reader” view the process has been reversed.
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BluePlanetTales. Interactive History Lessons on your iOS Device. Now With Value Subscriptions

17/09/2015 |

Learning about history when I was at school was a long and torterous process. This was back before iPads, smartphones and the like. It was 2 hours of hell copying from one book into another. Needless to say I was dissintereted in History and failed that course. Things would of been a LOT different if BluePlanetTales had been around Im sure of it.
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A List Of Content Blockers For iOS 9

16/09/2015 |

Once you install a content blocker, go to Settings > Safari and scroll down to Content Blockers. Flip the switch to enable/disable your content blocker(s) of choice.
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