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EssentialMac | 04/07/2015

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iTunes 12.2 Needed For Beats 1 But Missing In Action

30/06/2015 |

When I try to sign up for Apple Music, it says I need iTunes 12.2 but when I click the download link it takes me to iTunes 12.1.

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Prepare Yourselves, iOS 8.4 and Apple Music at 4pm GMT Today

30/06/2015 |

Apple will begin rolling out iOS 8.4 at 8am Pacific time in the US, two hours earlier than its typical 10am (or 6pm UK time) release.

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4K iMac Details Revealed in El Capitan DP 2

26/06/2015 |

Apple has been busy updating Macs here in 2015, but there are still many models yet untouched, notably the company’s 21-inch iMac line. That omission will be addressed this Fall with the introduction of 21-inch 4K iMacs running OS X 10.11 El Capitan.

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Apple Pay Restricted £20 Per Transaction In UK. For Now?

25/06/2015 |

Apple Pay is coming in June but it’s going to work slightly different to that the USA release.  The new contactless payment method from Apple will be subject to the same limitations as contactless cards at present

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Apple Pay: Which UK banks will use the Wallet service at launch

25/06/2015 |

At WWDC 2015, Apple announced that Apple Pay will launch in the UK in July 2015 and a number of banks have already been confirmed as launch partners for the service which will be available in the soon-to-be renamed Wallet app, which is currently called ‘Passbook’.

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Apple Renews Liquidmetal Exclusivity Deal Through To Feb 2016

24/06/2015 |

The name liquid metal conjours up images of the T-1000 but so far all we have yet to see from Apple is a liquidmetal sim removal tool but is that about to change?

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MODECOM launches FreePC – Atom Based USB Pc.

22/06/2015 |

MODECOM Free PC is the latest generation of mini-computer. Although it’s only the size of a USB flash drive, the FreePC still has all the power and performance of a normal sized PC.

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18 Handy Apps for the Apple Watch

12/06/2015 |

WatchOs2 might be not far around the corner but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any “Handy” Apple Watch Apps you should be trying out right now.

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Edifier Launches Edifier M3280BT Home Audio Speakers. Perfect for Computer, Gaming and Mini Home Theatre Systems

10/06/2015 |

The M3280BT is the latest addition to the Edifier Multimedia range of speakers that are ideal for use with a personal computer or notebook, for an audio source for gaming or for mini home theatre systems where space is limited. Sound is crisp and clear even at the loudest volume levels.
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Review : Jungle Treasures 2, Angry Birds But With Monkeys?

09/06/2015 |

For those of you that are old enough to remember Angry Bird, that very popular, very annoying game where you threw the bird at pigs in different structures for each level, you will feel like you have already played this game.

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