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EssentialMac | 09/10/2015

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Mac #GamerProblems That Your #PCGirlFriend Won’t Understand

05/12/2013 |

Woe is we, us pitiful few Mac gamers, who must bear the brunt of both our hipster cousins who use MacBook Pros to listen to obscure music and our Windows cousins who believe an NVidia card gives them a sense of superiority (we’re not sure why). It’s bad enough that Steam only recently added “BioShock Infinite” to their Mac Games catalog…9 months after the game was released. But when you add a PC girlfriend to the mix, then you get some serious #MacGamerProblems.

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iMessage and Bug Fixes A Plenty in iOS 7.0.3

23/10/2013 |

How Apple’s servers are coping with the traffic they must be dealing with right now is anyones guess but that’s not stopped them releasing iOS 7.03 which deals with that iMessage bug and some new features.
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Apple Touch ID Spoofed NOT Hacked

23/09/2013 |

For most Apple’s Touch ID is more a convenient way of accessing your iPhone without the need for entering a password, a password system that had issues at times. now Chaos Computer Club – a Germany-based group of computer hackers – claims to have fooled Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint technology

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How To Find Spotlight in iOS 7

18/09/2013 |

After a week of running the iOS 7 Gm you soon forget about iOS 6 that until you look for spot light.  Remember how you swiped to the left past the home screen to get to spot light?  iOS 7 … Read More

TVCatchup adds catch-up TV for UK Tele. Goodbye YouView?

17/09/2013 |

For the first time, the ironically-named live-streaming service TVCatchup is offering catch-up TV. From later today, the outfit will be baking-in links to the UK’s four major broadcasters’ on-demand platforms to its own service — giving you a choice between watching live TV and binge-watching old shows.

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Apple Tells Developers To Get Ready For Safari Push Notifications

05/09/2013 |

You can now use the Apple Push Notifications Service to send notifications to your website users, right on their Mac desktop. Let’s hope this doesn’t give rise to a new wave of malware or annoyances from malicious websites.

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New pirate browser from pirate bay gets you private access to TPB

12/08/2013 |

The Pirate Bay is taking a stand against the increased censorship efforts it faces in several European countries. On its 10th anniversary the infamous BitTorrent site is releasing its “Pirate Browser,” a fully functional web browser that allows people to … Read More

Pixar’s John Lasseter Emotionally Accepts Disney Legends Award For Steve Jobs [Video]

12/08/2013 |

The Disney Legends Award is presented annually to a person who has left a significant impact on The Walt Disney Corporation. This year, the late Steve Jobs received the honor, and last night John Lasseter accepted the award on Jobs’ behalf at the D23 Expo. Lasseter is the Chief Creative Officer at Pixar, a studio Jobs co-founded, and Walt Disney Animation Studios. He created Toy Story and is arguably the most influential and iconic storyteller in the history of animation.

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Steve ‘jOBS’ movie trailer debuts

21/06/2013 |

An official trailer for jOBS the movie is out now on Yahoo.  Well worth a watch.  Will the movie be called ‘jOBS’ or Steve Jobs I wonder?  Check out the full theatrical trailer over at yahoo.

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WWDC 2013 : iOS 7 The Biggest Change To iOS Since the iPhone

10/06/2013 |

iOS 7 is simply unbelievable, it’s just simply gorgeous from the typography on the lock screen to the vitality of the background is used. The home screen icons have had a complete makeover making them more simplistic but not insultingly so.  Perhaps harking back to an era of aqua interfaces which has now evolved< Read More