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EssentialMac | 28/03/2015

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EssentialMac's App Of the Day or Week.

(AOTD) App Of The Day. That special app or program which really sticks out.

ABBYY FineReader Pro 12 For Mac Review

22/12/2014 |

Nothing makes for a better review than when it’s used in the real world for a practical purpose.  Exactly what’s happened to me this last week. I’ve had OCR apps for my iPhone and whilst theyre fine for a quick capture, this project needed something meatier.
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Review: Breeze A Gorgeous Step Tracking And Motivation From Runkeeper

25/04/2014 |

Standing out in a crowded marketplace of fitness and step tracking apps is no easy task.  Breeze manages with aplomb to display step tracking that stands out from a crowded marketplace.

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MacPaw “Listen” Review – Gesture Based Interface For Your iTunes Library

29/01/2014 |

Swiping in app’s has been given a boost since iOS 7 and now MacPaw have taken swiping to a completely new lever.  Doing away with buttons and text labels, MacPaw release Listen, An App that’s “less app and more listening”

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MixPal.FM iOS App – Streaming radio handpicked, mixed and playlisted by music experts

09/12/2013 | 1

MixPal.FM is an iOS radio streaming app for Apple devices that’ll not only let you skip forward through tracks but also go back and revisit tracks and playlists. It’s an internet radio streaming app concentrating on a specific genre rather that the broader alternatives.

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iPad Mini Retina Goes On Sale – Apple Online Stores Only. Available Everywhere

12/11/2013 |

Strangely available now from no where the iPad mini retina now only available for purchase via Apple’s online stores.  Update. Now available everywhere

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Complete Your iTunes Video and Movie Information with iDentify 2

01/11/2013 |

Missing cover art or show information for your movies you’ve backed up? Looking to add program names to video files the easy way? iDentify 2 for Mac looks at your file, goes off to IMDB, TVDB and others to populate that missing information and download cover art.
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VOX 1.0 Audio Player For Mac. It’s like VLC for audio

11/08/2013 |

Vox Audio is an all in one audio player for mac that’ll pretty much handle any format you care to throw at it. Think of it as the VLC for the audio world.
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7 Savvy Business Apps You Can’t Live Without

09/08/2013 |

Creating the best possible user experience is the goal of most successful smartphone apps. And if you’re running a small business, chances are you do a lot of your business while mobile. Your phone is practically your office as you manage files, payments and expenses. Free or inexpensive apps help get the work done and keep your organized and focused. Entrepreneurs, make use of these often free tools that help businesses grow and run smoother.

Read More Version 2.3.3. Less Features, More Adverts, Same Blank Video Streams

15/05/2013 |

The online gaming juggernaut Twitch.Tv releases a new version of it’s popular but often broken iOS app. There’s the usual “bug fixes” but in an odd move they’ve removed search and limited the amount of watchable streams to 300.

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Review : Stellar Partition Manager For Mac

29/04/2013 | 1

If you’ve used a computer for any length of time you’ll be familiar with partition sizes, partition types during the setup phase but what about later on down the line? I’ve done it myself being overcautious or forgetting to create a spare one just for data.  And so the search for Mac Partition manager brings us nicely onto this review.

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