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EssentialMac | 04/10/2015

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EssentialMac's App Of the Day or Week.

(AOTD) App Of The Day. That special app or program which really sticks out.

The State Of Adblocking, Working For A Better Web, Peace. The Crystal Interview Part 2

24/09/2015 |

It was my great pleasure to interview Dean Murphy of [Crystal – Block Ads, Browse Faster]. At the time of recording was number 1 in 16 countries around the world in the App Store. We cover many topics, so much so that it’s a 2 parter edition of the Rampant Mumblings.
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Interview With Crystal Developer Dean Murphy. The State Of Adblocking, Inspirations and Life Change. Part 1

22/09/2015 |

Given the weekends announcement that Marco Arment, the developer of Peace and other great apps, decided to pull his offering, this podcast is strangely on topic for once. It was my great pleasure to interview Dean Murphy of Crystal ( We cover many topics, so much so that it’s a 2 parter edition of the Rampant Mumblings.

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Review : Mc Line – Challenge The Gravity & Master The Path

03/08/2015 |

Remember R-Type, a game that really set a new level for the continual scrolling game?. Well I was useless at it for some reason. Always got stuck at the same part over and over, incidentally I have the same issue with Pinball but I digress. Mc Line is sort of like that well only the side scrolling part.

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BugShot Becomes Pinpoint. Nicely Mark Up iOS ScreenShots

29/05/2015 |

My friends at Lickability asked a while back if I’d be interested in selling Bugshot to them. Since it was worth approximately $0 under my stewardship and I had no plans to ever update it again, I just gave it to them and wished them the best, hoping they’d someday do something with it. Now, they have.

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iFileBrowser. Manage & Edit Files Right Within iOS

16/04/2015 |

Hands up those of you who can remember the old classic file browser, back in the days of DOS, called Norton Commander? Norton made working with DOS as pleasurable as it could ever have been by not only offering a better way to copy a new files but also allowing you to work with multiple file formats within one application.

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MobiSystems Office Suite Review. Open & Edit Office Documents Stored Anywhere.

06/04/2015 |

One standard has stood the passage of time and thats the ubiquitous office formats from the windows world.  Being able to easily edit word, excel file on your iphone / iPad is now common place and with MobiSystems Office Suite app, even better than even Microsofts own offerings.

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ABBYY FineReader Pro 12 For Mac Review

22/12/2014 |

Nothing makes for a better review than when it’s used in the real world for a practical purpose.  Exactly what’s happened to me this last week. I’ve had OCR apps for my iPhone and whilst theyre fine for a quick capture, this project needed something meatier.
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Review: Breeze A Gorgeous Step Tracking And Motivation From Runkeeper

25/04/2014 |

Standing out in a crowded marketplace of fitness and step tracking apps is no easy task.  Breeze manages with aplomb to display step tracking that stands out from a crowded marketplace.

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MacPaw “Listen” Review – Gesture Based Interface For Your iTunes Library

29/01/2014 |

Swiping in app’s has been given a boost since iOS 7 and now MacPaw have taken swiping to a completely new lever.  Doing away with buttons and text labels, MacPaw release Listen, An App that’s “less app and more listening”

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MixPal.FM iOS App – Streaming radio handpicked, mixed and playlisted by music experts

09/12/2013 | 1

MixPal.FM is an iOS radio streaming app for Apple devices that’ll not only let you skip forward through tracks but also go back and revisit tracks and playlists. It’s an internet radio streaming app concentrating on a specific genre rather that the broader alternatives.

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