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EssentialMac | 29/03/2015

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Active Wrap Headphones Review. Only $29 yet incredibly uncomfortable

28/03/2015 |

These SPBEAT9 Active Wrap Headphones kicking around on the stack social website for a tempting $24 plus shipping. It might seem like a no-brainer to get a set of wireless headphones given the price points but before you spend your money read on.

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Mac & Forth PodCast Episode 50 Featuring EssentialMac.

26/03/2015 |

The good people over at the Mac And Forth podcast were good enough to let essentialmac come aboard and give their opinions on their 50th episode. From iPads being rolled out through parliament and some great side track conversations, if you’re looking for a Brit based podcast, gwan give us a listen, topics include.

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Edifier Launches MP211 Portable Bluetooth Speaker – Stylish speaker for your tablet, laptop or smartphone packs a punch!

26/03/2015 |

Completely portable with numerous audio options, the EDIFIER MP211 speaker provides a compact audio solution for any occasion or location. Users to easily navigate between the SD card input auxiliary input and Bluetooth input, whilst also being able to change … Read More

Ministry of Sound Radio app Review. Stylishly Executed

25/03/2015 |

The Ministry of Sound have just released their own radio app for iOS allowing you to listen to their MoS offering and listening to their live weekender sets.
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Glimpse, Preview Websites Right Within Notification Centre.

23/03/2015 |

Glimpse brings website previews to your notification centre letting you “glimpse” at sites without having to unlock your iPhone. Finally notification centre has something to make it less nagging (at least in my case).
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Microsoft Band Coming To Uk April 15th, Pre Order Available Now.

19/03/2015 |

Microsoft goes international with the Band, coming to the UK in AprilMicrosoft goes international with the Band, coming to the UK in April. Amazon are now taking pre order for shipping on April 15
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AOTD: JpegMini, Put Your Photo On A Compression Diet And See The Difference.

16/03/2015 |

Theres several ways you can speed up your website, use a CDN, get a better host but none of that is going to help unless your images are properly optimised.  JpegMini helps do just that, providing the optimum balance between compression, quality and clarity.

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iOS 8.3 Public Beta Brings Apple Servers To Their Knees

13/03/2015 |

We’re sorry, too many people are accessing this website at the same time. We’re working on this problem. Please try again later.  If you’re trying to get to the apple seed site to grab a hold of the iOS 8.3 … Read More

WoodBuds HeadPhones, eco-friendly and pocket friendly wood earphones

12/03/2015 |

The time had come yet again to choose a new set of headphones. For some reason my house seems to be ergonomically designed to snag on my head phone cable at any given opportunity. The Wood look interesting especially given the eco-credentials at a pocket friendly price point. So can a set of headphones made from wood be any good?
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Hands On Video With The New Macbook

10/03/2015 |

My thoughts. Why not just shove retina in the Macbook air?

I think it’s for people who want a general laptop for browsing the web, taking notes, creating powerpoints, doing emails..

It’s not got the power to video edit or anything like that

good for coders, business people who just need to use word, outlook and powerpoint? maybe also good for some students who need a very light, thin laptop for taking notes

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