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EssentialMac | 20/12/2014

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Apples Best Apps Of 2014. Some Odd Choices Given The Feedback.

16/12/2014 |

At the end of every year, Apple releases a list of the best iPhone apps and although known for being incredibly selective, some of the best of 2014 apps have received a fair panning within the app reviews.
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Apple iPhone Cases To Protect Phones From 1 Meter Drops In New Guidelines

13/12/2014 |

Apple has tighted up it’s guidelines for iPhone cases for those case manufacturers who want to be able to boast MFI (made for iphone) licensing. It’s good news for those of us who like to look after our prized possessions.
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A PodCast Must Listen : CM Punk On AOW. Why He Left WWE and Wrestling

06/12/2014 |

There haven’t been many podcasts that I’ve listened back to straight away but Colt Cobbana’s interview with ex WWE Legend CM Punk made me do just that.  Right after the first listen I went straight back to the start for another listen.

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Popcorn Time 0.3.5 For Mac Hotfix

03/12/2014 |

This time we managed to fix chromecast and  airplay for all you who were waiting patiently for it, and a treat for all of you who might have bought one during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
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We’re Now Using Disqus & Moving

02/12/2014 |

Believe it or not this little part of the internet has now been going for 3 years and for the most I’ve been happy with the format and style of our news and review but there’s one thing that’s alwys irked me. The lack of comments.
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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer Launches On iTunes.

28/11/2014 |

88 seconds on new Star Wars goodness is now available to view on iTunes via the iTunes Move Trailers App or desktop iTunes.
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Black Friday Deal: Blogo The Best WordPress App For Mac only $10

28/11/2014 |

We make no secret here of just how much we love Blogo, the blogging app for the Mac that lets you do your blogging on your Mac and then publish to your wordpress powered blog.  Yet it’s so much more than a simple type and push interface.
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What you get if you cross Apple and The Beatles?

26/11/2014 |

In 1968 the Beatles founded Apple Records, a record label intended as a creative outlet for the Beatles. This got us wondering, what if Apple Record and Apple Computer were the same thing? To answer this question we’ve restyled some iconic Beatles vinyl as if they were designed by Apple. 
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Edifier Updates Exclaim! Edifier e10 Exclaim now features Bluetooth!

22/11/2014 |

A recent update from Edifier to their e10 Exclaim range has added Bluetooth audio specifications to make things a little more convenient.

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How To Change The Time / Frequency Of Time Machine Backups

18/11/2014 |

We’ve covered how to make your time machine backup’s smaller and what files you should remove from time machien backups and now we’re looking at how you change the time at which time machine does it’s backups Read More