Apple Watch Series 3 Aims To Inspire Workouts

Apple Watch Series 3 - Inspiring

So many people are apparently are getting healthier with Apple Watch OS 4 people are going to be able to do even. Features like Smart Activity Coaching will help more people, like me, close rings more often.

A completely redesigned workout app with High Intensity Interval Training (Hiit). New features for swimmers like auto sets and gymKit an industry first. Gym Kits is activated just by tapping your watch against machine to get going and all your metrics will be in synch.
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Essential Apple Podcast Special: The Kelly Guimont Show

On the week where Uncle Tim had an iPhone 8 in his pocket, Accu Weather got caught out, Elon Musk warned us about “autonomous weapons” and a leak that surprised no-one revealed the CIA spy on everyone, including their security “partners”; we are joined by Kelly Guimont of The Mac Observer and App Camp 4 Girls fame, and, well, let’s just say the show notes went out the window and this is what happened instead!

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Essential Apple Podcast 43: Apple Solves The Soggy Bottom Pizza Crisis

Simon followed through… with dropping one of the tech giants and gives us an update on living an “alternative” lifestyle. Mark discovers Amazon Prime Reading and we talk how to use the internet without the eyes of the Government’s “snooper’s charter” bearing down on you.

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7 Super Mario Secrets And Secret Levels

Super Mario Run is Nintendo’s new genius at mobile gaming. As a game, the new Super Mario on mobile is proving a great challenge for players. But as a newbie to the game, you may not know all the secrets there is to know about Nintendo’s new Super Mario Run. Don’t worry, we got you covered with seven secrets to help you play Super Mario Run better.

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Super Mario Run Arrives in the App Store To Mixed Reviews.

The wait is finally over. As of a short time ago, Super Mario Run began rolling out worldwide on the App Store. The game features three modes, an endless runner-style mode in which you tap the screen to help Mario reach platforms, collect coins, and avoid enemies, a head-to-head competition mode called Toad Rally, and a building mode called Kingdom Builder.