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EssentialMac | 05/03/2015

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A weekend with google play and 50,000 music tracks. 

03/03/2015 |

When a company offers to store up to 50,000 of your music tracks it’s on offer well worth at least investigating. Wanted that company is Google and will probably be doing some data mining but still, if you’ve used Gmail … Read More

Apple Seeds OS X 10.10.3 (14D87h)

27/02/2015 |

OS X Yosemite 10.10.3 Update has been pushed out to those on the AppleSeed Program. There’s not much in the release notes as to what’s new but it’s clear the focus is on the new Photos App.
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IN1-Tool for iPhone 6 & 6 plus now shipping

24/02/2015 |

The in 1 For iphone 6 combines a sleek design with functional multi tools in one case. The in 1 protects your iphone while also offering a useful tool-set. The tools which are included are:
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AOTD: Nutshell For iOS. Turn any moment into a short, shareable visual story.

20/02/2015 |

Billing itself as the best of Vine, Snapchat and Instagram combined, Nutshell makes it simple to create  it a great way to share life’s special moments and all you need is three photos to get you started.
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Apple’s Jonny I’ve Responsible For That Lightsaber Being “Spitty”

17/02/2015 |

“Ive once sat next to J. J. Abrams at a boozy dinner party in New York, and made what Abrams recalled as ‘very specific’ suggestions about the design of lightsabers.”
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Apple Watch Just Got A Little Less Helpful. Health-Monitoring Features Ditched

17/02/2015 |

Up for debate is just how helpful the Apple watch is going to be on it’s realease.  According to sources who told the The Wall Street Journal that some of the features were too complicated, while others would have prompted unwanted regulatory oversight.
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HP Stream 7 drops to £74.99. Save £24 + Includes Office 365

15/02/2015 |

Of all the tablets out there that i’d consider the HP Stream 7 Signature Edition Tablet is right at the top of the list, make even more tempting because not only has it been reduced by £24, includes Office 365 but the Signature Edition means It’s fast, without junk and test software, and comes with an anti-virus software that never expires.
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Sundance Film Sensation “Tangerine” Was Shot on an iPhone 5s

04/02/2015 |

The Feature Film That Blew Everyone Away at Sundance Was Shot on an iPhone 5s

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Nuance Announces Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac, version 4

03/02/2015 |

Dragon Dicate 4 for Mac has long since been a staple part of the blogging diet.  Either recording thoughts for transcribing later on or pacing around using Dragon Remote Microphone for a wireless dictating experience, Dragon Dictate v4 has been freakishly accurate.
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How Intel lost the mobile chip business to Apple’s Ax ARM Application Processors

30/01/2015 |

I’m not one for posting links to other sites, especially those rumour sites but this one is worth a read.  Intel was lined up to be Apple’s sole supplier of chips and then dropped the ball in a way that makes IBM not trademarking the PC seem almost forgivable.
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